Royal Red Brigade are made up of 4 land locked prairie sailors looking to bust your guts and leave your ears ringing for days with their brand of raw, loud, and dirty punk rock’n roll. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan these rockers are well versed in the rock and roll game. These four veterans have lent their talents to rock machines like: Amour Fou, Kleins96, Contaminate, Failed States, Fat Tony and the Shitheads, The Bastard Sons of a Rock and Roll Devil, Hot Blood Bombers, Malaria Bear and the Dead Hearts. This new line-up is dedicated and anxious to take the world by storm. June 4th, 2012 saw Royal Red Brigade release a hard hitting, and diverse full length album to kick-off the first day of 30 in their second coast-to-coast Canadian tour. Known for their intense work ethic and an electric live show that leaves the fans and the band eager for more, look out for these Rock’n Roll Warriors in the near future.