HKR012/HK013: Kleins96
Modern Fortune
500 CD’s pressed
500 LP’s pressed, 300 aqua swirl, 200 royal blue, 33 1/3 rpm
July 6, 2010

Blending early thrash hardcore with balls-out skatepunk, Kleins96 has crafted a towering debut album, a blistering sermon on power, modernity and holy terror, frought with anxiety and broken bottles.  Influenced by such dynamic landmarks as Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes and Damaged, the record savours every terrifying high and moment of respite equally, a soundtrack for the not-too-distant future: violent, hysterical, and built upon the ashes of the old.


Track List:
1. Flag or Fist
2. Occam’s Razor
3. Self-Hating Gay Conservatives
4. Wulfblaster (Untitled)
5. Captain Overboard
6. Biting the Hand
7. Cold Lake Immigrant Song
8. Torjan Whores
9. G.A.D.
10. Role Models
11. Priapism
12. No Dice
13. It’s Never Too Late for a Sympathy Card
14. In the End